Terms and Conditions

Most of the items posted on our page (Facebook) and website are PRE-ORDERED.

For lead time, inquire thru e-mail (order@handicraftsatbp.com), or chat with us.

Non-acceptance of returns if it’s on client’s liability (e.g. wrong order due to item dimension, etc)

ORDERING AND PAYMENT—send e-mail/SMS to Grace: 0917 589 9488
PICK UP/DELIVERY—send SMS to Jojo: 0917 883 0668



Invoice REQUIRES confirmation of orders once received thru e-mail. Once confirmed, considered FINAL. NO Revisions can be made unless additional orders are added. All revisions should be sent to e-mail.

If to add orders, NEW ORDER FORM should be filled-up.

For Late Payments, expected date of delivery/pick up may be adjusted.
Down payment should be settled within 3- 5 days after invoice has been sent/e-mailed.

For rush order, ONCE ORDER FORM HAS BEEN FILLED UP, SETTLE YOUR PAYMENTS THE NEXT DAY. If you cannot do this, we apologize, but WE CANNOT accommodate your orders.

Date of Pick up and Schedule is included on the e-mailed Invoice.
Always stick to Confirmed Schedule.

If orders will be out from production at earlier date, client will be notified thru SMS/e-mail and wait for client’s advisory.

If in case you won’t be able to pick it up, it is your responsibility to follow-up and ask for re-schedule.

Contact Person: Jojo— 0917.883.0668

If there’s an emergency, bad weather condition, uncontrollable acts of God, schedule for pick-up will be adjusted on later dates. We will send SMS/e-mail for notification.

Other details and exclusive terms on the e-mailed invoice (referrals and storage).


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